About us


Founded in Montreal, Quebec, Kompass Geo-Equipment (“Kompass Geo”) proudly enjoys a rich history of supplying the Canadian market with high quality engineering equipment and software. Providing state of the art services and equipment and second to none customer support are the pillars on which Kompass Geo was built.

Kompass Geo’s main business is importing geomatics products and testing equipment as well as their accessories to the Canadian market. Such products and instruments include ground surveying equipment, aerial and close-range photogrammetry, soil and concrete testing, etc. In addition to the foregoing, Kompass Geo provides various services related to such products ranging from map archiving and vectorization solutions, to special analysis and LiDAR 3D solutions.

Over the years, the market potential for geophysical solutions grew and Kompass Geo expanded its activities to the geophysical engineering field by supplying state-of-the-art seismic, structural, and dynamic monitoring and measuring solutions to maintain its leading position as an engineering solutions provider.

Our decades experience in this field combined with the dedication and commitment of our team to reach the highest standards in this field are the driving force which contributed and is still contributing to the company’s success both locally and internationally with various private actors and governmental entities and agencies seeking our engineering products and services.